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   Aug 30

Radio Naturopath Episode 138: Help for Cold, Flu, and Tummy Bug Season!

What goes along with the beginning of the school year? COLDS, FLUS, and STOMACH BUGS. A reminder to get outside for your immunity and health, and simple ways to prevent them, including hand washing, neti pots, and good food. Also some ways to fight them once they arrive, and how your immune system works.

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   Aug 23

Radio Naturopath Episode 137: Fat Loss, The Right Diet is Your Diet, Why and How Exercise Aids Fat Loss (Not Just Calories!)

Today I got interested in fat loss, again. There’s a saying that fat loss is 70% in the kitchen, but I don’t know how scientific that is. Clearly, fat loss is aided in great part by regular exercise, because people who keep weight off exercise on the average 1 hour/day. The National Weight Control Registry […]

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   Aug 17

Radio Naturopath Episode 136: North Korea, Charlottesville, Motherwort, Goldenrod, and the Total Eclipse

In order to be happy and healthy, you have to have a happy healthy environment in the world. I had a bad week of listening to media and being very frightened at the prospect of nuclear war between the US and North Korea. Then I was shocked to find that the day before the supposed […]

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   Aug 09

Radio Naturopath Episode 135: Mosquitoes and You, Deep Venous Thrombosis, Get Thee To The Farmers’ Markets

This week, everyone should know just why mosquitoes love them, and if you don’t exactly love them back, how you can (herbally) ask them to go away. Lemon Eucalyptus anyone? Also, beware of Deep Venous Thrombosis! It can happen to you if you’re not careful, and there are ways to prevent it. And, get thee […]

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   Aug 02

Radio Naturopath Episode 134: Diverticulitis, WHY and HOW to Get Started with Exercise

Michele from Tolland called and asked me to talk about diveriticulitis, so I waxed eloquent about the subject, and even explained the difference between diverticulITIS and diverticulOSIS. Then, a treatise on WHY and HOW to get started with exercise! It reduces morbidity and mortality AT LEAST from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, mood, and much much […]

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