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   Jul 27

Radio Naturopath Episode 133: Sun Rash, Sunscreen, Prickly Heat, Magnesium, Muscle Soreness

We talked about help from getting a sun-induced rash, and nontoxic sunscreen, beta carotene and other antioxidants to prevent. Also, prickly heat! Plus a shout out to nettles for allergies. Magnesium, the Magic Mineral. And, how to be less sore! Water, stretching, rest are great for starters!

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   Jul 19

Radio Naturopath Episode 132: Interview with Carla Bartolucci, Owner of Jovial Foods: All About Eating Gluten Free, and Einkorn!

This week we interviewed Carla Bartolucci, a lovely woman who is committed to providing healthy, hypoallergenic, delicious foods! She and her husband have a company called Jovial, to celebrate the joyous 2nd half of her life. She learned from her daughter’s food allergies about creating healthy gluten free foods, and all about the ancient precursor […]

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   Jul 12

Radio Naturopath Episode 131: Interview with a Fungster, Scot Brown: All About the Ketogenic Diet for Fat Loss, Reducing Inflammation, and Neurological Health

Today we had Scot Brown, and his husband, Pilo as guests. He is originally from Plainfield, CT but has been living many years in Amsterdam. Scot discovered the Ketogenic Diet to deal with obesity instead of having gastric bypass surgery, and lost 100 lb! He got so excited he studied with Jason Fung, M.D., in […]

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   Jul 06

Radio Naturopath Episode 130: Benefits of Summer Fruits and Veggies, Eating Mindfully, Should You Cleanse?

Today I just wanted to remind people about why eating summer produce is so good for you, with all the fruits and veggies, carotenoids, chlorophyll and fiber. And that cleanses are OK but often a short term solution, and the real money is in mindful eating.

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