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   Jun 28

Radio Naturopath Episode 129: Help for Sinus Drip, SIBO Redux, Why Berries Are Good For You

Today we got into a discussion of Vasomotor Rhinorrhea, when your nose runs after you eat. Plus all the other reasons (food, environmental, allergies) why you can have stuffy sinuses. We got a call about SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, one of the reasons you just can’t seem to get around that gas and bloating. […]

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   Jun 08

Radio Naturopath Episode 128: Tick Bites, Natural Sunscreens, Insect Repellant, and Alternatives to Anti-Histamines

It bears reminding you that you COULD get bitten by a tick, so check yourself and your loved ones all over! Also, you don’t have to use sunscreen with chemicals; there are great natural ones to use. What herbs can keep those bugs away? Also, the answer to a great question, are there natural alternatives […]

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