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Office Hours:

Monday 11am - 3pm
Tuesday 10am - 6pm
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Insurance Information

Yes, we take insurance!  The state of Connecticut recognizes naturopaths as healthcare providers, which means health insurance companies do too.  We are currently in network with:  Anthem BCBS, Cigna, ConnectiCare, and Oxford.  Not every policy offered by these companies will necessarily cover our office visits.  Please call our office and provide the details of your individual policy so we can do our best to obtain accurate information.  If your policy will not cover visits here, we have reasonable out of pocket rates.  Your policy will oftentimes cover any lab work Dr. Storch may order for you.  

State of Connecticut Medicaid (Husky) will cover visits for anyone under the age of 21.  Medicare, unfortunately, will not cover office visits or lab work ordered by Dr. Storch.  We have reduced out of pocket rates for adults with Husky or anyone with Medicare.  Please call our office for more information.

Dr. Storch is considered a "Specialist", not a "Primary Care Physician", in the eyes of health insurance companies.  She has many patients, however, who use her as their main healthcare provider.  Please call our office if you have further questions.