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   Nov 02

Radio Naturopath Episode 145: Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling!

Traveling can pose some challenges to your health. Planes have recirculated air and people cough and sneeze in them! There’s awesome health habits, like taking herbal sprays, elder liquid or lozenges, cleansing the nose and throat, sleeping, and drinking water, and much more! Stay healthy so you can enjoy what’s on the other end of […]

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   Jul 27

Radio Naturopath Episode 133: Sun Rash, Sunscreen, Prickly Heat, Magnesium, Muscle Soreness

We talked about help from getting a sun-induced rash, and nontoxic sunscreen, beta carotene and other antioxidants to prevent. Also, prickly heat! Plus a shout out to nettles for allergies. Magnesium, the Magic Mineral. And, how to be less sore! Water, stretching, rest are great for starters!

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   Sep 07

Radio Naturopath Episode 96: Skin, Sunscreen Ingredients, Lotions, Add Fruit and Drink More, Vitamin K, Surgical Menopause

Skin is so important, and I found out some simple things that can help you to make it better. Exfoliation may reduce the risk of squamous cell cancer! Drink more water, add fruit. Also, help for those who’ve undergone surgical menopause.

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