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   Nov 02

Radio Naturopath Episode 145: Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling!

Traveling can pose some challenges to your health. Planes have recirculated air and people cough and sneeze in them! There’s awesome health habits, like taking herbal sprays, elder liquid or lozenges, cleansing the nose and throat, sleeping, and drinking water, and much more! Stay healthy so you can enjoy what’s on the other end of […]

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   Mar 23

Radio Naturopath Episode 119: Common Sports Injuries: Natural Treatment

Sports injuries! The most common one, DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, and how to deal with that. Nutrition, supplementation, hydration, and REST are all important. Other injuries: ankle sprain, groin pull, hamstring strain, shin splints, knne injuries including ACL and patellofemoral, and tennis and golfer’s elbow!

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   Aug 25

Radio Naturopath Episode 93: How to Prevent and Treat Sunburn, Olympic Redux, 10 Healthy Habits of Olympians For You

OK, the sun is good for you, but sunburn just plain hurts! Plus you can get sun damage or even skin cancer later in life. Natural ways to prevent and treat it. Also, 10 healthy habits of Olympians that you can adopt!

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