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   Dec 15

Radio Naturopath Episode 151: Hurray for Jones, Remembering Myron Storch, Flu Vaccine Only Gives 10% Protection??

Today’s Radio Naturopath did a Hurray for Justice since we have No Moore and Yes Jones in Alabama. I also remembered my father a bit, since this is the first anniversary of his death on December 13, 2016, and a little about grief. Then I went on to rant about the 10% success rate of […]

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   Dec 22

Radio Naturopath Episode 109: Dedicated to my Dad, Myron Storch: Bipolar Disorder, The Prostate, and Weight Loss

My dad, Myron Storch, passed away on December 13, 2016 due to injuries sustained after being struck by a pickup truck. Today I honor his memory by discussing the condition he struggled with and mostly overcame, bipolar disorder, and also the prostate issues he was facing, and his desire to trim down!

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