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   Dec 01

Radio Naturopath Episode 149: Melatonin, Meningitis, Forskolin and Weight Loss, Eat the Peel, More Cold and Flu Prevention

This week was kind of a hodgepodge. We answered some listener’s questions and went down roads they took us. Is sublingual melatonin helpful for sleep? How is meningitis spread? If you drop a forskolin capsule in organic apple cider vinegar, will it help you lose weight? Can you eat orange and banana peels, and are […]

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   Apr 14

Radio Naturopath Episode 122: Homeopathy Basics; Why Sunshine is Good For You

April 10 was Samuel Hahnemann’s birthday. He’s the father of homeopathy, so I shouted out to him, and in his honor explained the basics of homeopathy! Also, did you know SUNSHINE is really good for you? There’s a whole bunch of reasons why, but a lot of them relate back to making vitamin D.

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   Mar 23

Radio Naturopath Episode 74 3 – 23 – 16 Strep Throat and Lymph Nodes, Sleep Apnea, B12 and Melatonin

I got strep throat! Here’s what happened, how to treat it, and all the different things that can cause the glands in your neck to swell. Plus, can you treat sleep apnea with things besides a CPAP machine? Also, B12 and melatonin in a patch!

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