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   Nov 09

Radio Naturopath Episode 146: NHAND Conference Redux: Detoxification, Fatty Liver, Sleep Apnea, Hormesis, Alcoholism and Depression, Lyme Disease

I just came back from the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors conference. Can you say Information Overload? Here’s some great nuggets! Get help for constipation, because you can otherwise reabsorb toxins, like pesiticides! Sleep apnea is NO GOOD. Not only can it increase chances of stroke and heart attack, but it lowers testosterone, leading […]

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   Jul 13

Radio Naturopath Episode 88: Your Food Can Make You Aggressive; Lyme and Allergic to the Lake

I talk about how foods we generally eat can make you aggressive: hormones, minerals, chemicals, sugar! Also, Lyme and antibiotic choices, and that sneezing you get when you go swimming in the lake!

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