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   Oct 05

Radio Naturopath Episode 142: Vitamin E, Mixed Tocopherols and Tocotrienols: Help for Cardiovascular, Immunity, Hormones and More!

Did you know our friend, vitamin E, otherwise known as d-alpha tocopherol, and his buddies, gamma- and beta-tocopherol, and their friends the Tocotrienols, are just WONDERFUL? Great for fighting cancer, helping the immune system, regulating hormone function, and reducing cholesterol and improving cardivascular health! Such a great vitamin, it deserves its own show. It’s mostly […]

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   Apr 20

Radio Naturopath Episode 123: Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), A Risk of Sitting Still? And BELLY BLOAT!

DEEP VENOUS THROMBOSIS. It’s not a good thing, and here’s why. It can happen to athletes. It’s a blood clot that can go to your lungs and stop you from breathing. Here’s who can get them, and some ways you may be able to prevent them. ALSO, BELLY BLOAT! If you’re a woman, you know […]

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   Sep 30

Radio Naturopath Episode 99: Interview with Michelle Allison, LMFT: Transgender Issues

Today we interview Michelle Allison, LMFT, who is a practicing family therapist in Mansfield, CT. She treats many conditions, but has a special interest in helping those navigating the world of transgenderism. She herself came out as transgender at the young age of 73! She eloquently discusses issues ranging from gender dysphoria, range of expression, […]

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   Jul 13

Radio Naturopath Episode 88: Your Food Can Make You Aggressive; Lyme and Allergic to the Lake

I talk about how foods we generally eat can make you aggressive: hormones, minerals, chemicals, sugar! Also, Lyme and antibiotic choices, and that sneezing you get when you go swimming in the lake!

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