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   Jan 11

Radio Naturopath Episode 153: Happy New Year! Easy and Hard: How to Periodize in your Workout and Life; Success/Failure vs. Life as a Practice/Journey

We started off talking about the myriad of weight loss programs being advertised in every form of media: social, TV, radio of all kinds, even that old school deal, print! And how weight is a pressing issue in the US because >70% people have a BMI that puts them into that category. Before we had […]

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   Dec 07

Radio Naturopath Episode 150: Interview with Selene Yeager, the Fitchick! Nutrition and Sensible Fitness Training!

This week we interview SELENE YEAGER, the FitChick of Bicycling Magazine! She writes for them every month about fitness and nutrition. She is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and USA Cycling Coach! And she has lots of sensible opinions about nutrition and fitness for athletes and the newbie alike! Listen to […]

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   Aug 23

Radio Naturopath Episode 137: Fat Loss, The Right Diet is Your Diet, Why and How Exercise Aids Fat Loss (Not Just Calories!)

Today I got interested in fat loss, again. There’s a saying that fat loss is 70% in the kitchen, but I don’t know how scientific that is. Clearly, fat loss is aided in great part by regular exercise, because people who keep weight off exercise on the average 1 hour/day. The National Weight Control Registry […]

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   Jul 12

Radio Naturopath Episode 131: Interview with a Fungster, Scot Brown: All About the Ketogenic Diet for Fat Loss, Reducing Inflammation, and Neurological Health

Today we had Scot Brown, and his husband, Pilo as guests. He is originally from Plainfield, CT but has been living many years in Amsterdam. Scot discovered the Ketogenic Diet to deal with obesity instead of having gastric bypass surgery, and lost 100 lb! He got so excited he studied with Jason Fung, M.D., in […]

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   Mar 30

Radio Naturopath Episode 120: Belly Fat: Should I Lose It? Can I Lose It?

We had a call about belly fat, so we waxed eloquent about its nature and the concerns around having or not having it. We talk about visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, and pocket obesity. We also touch on how you might lose it, and even so it’s important to be kind to yourself!

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   Jan 02

Radio Naturopath Episode 110: The Natural Process of Mourning and Grief; Your Favorite New Year’s Resolutions!

Yes, well, it’s been tough losing my dad, and I’ve had a first hand experience of mourning and grief. This is certainly something that’s been studied, and the bottom line is that YOUR process is the right one for you. Plus, now is when people think about those New Year’s Resolutions! My #1: be kind […]

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