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   Dec 28

Radio Naturopath Episode 152: Natural Medicine at the Drugstore; Staying Healthy in the Cold; Itchy Eyes

I took a little jaunt to the local drugstore and see what they had for herbal medicine. I found some nuggets: you DON’T have to get Vic’s Vapo Rub which has PETROLEUM JELLY in it; there’s a couple of brands which have shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil in them, and no petroleum products! Also, […]

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   Nov 17

Radio Naturopath Episode 104: Election Wrapup, Chronic Sinusitis: Biofilms, Silver, Clearing The Terrain

Well, we finish up discussing our newly elected incumbent president. Then I discuss the great stuff I learned about sinusitis and clearing up the terrain for overall health!

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   Sep 22

Radio Naturopath Episode 98: Fitness and Food Tracking; More Stress Reduction; Beets and Beet Juice; Prickly Heat

There have been studies where testers wore different brands of fitness trackers and got different numbers of steps from placing on the same wrist! Is it worth it? Reduce your stress with a little Caribbean, or your other favorite nature, in your life! Beets and beet juice: superfood for life. Plus, how to treat prickly […]

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