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   Sep 14

Radio Naturopath Episode 140: Increasing Red Blood Cells After Babesiosis; All About Vitamin C!

Time to learn all about Vitamin C! It’s ASCORBIC ACID or ACORBATES. This important water soluble vitamin can’t be synthesized by our bodies, so we have to eat it. It’s part of the structure of collagen, so it’s part of every tissue and organ. It stimulates the function of the immune system, so it helps […]

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   Jun 28

Radio Naturopath Episode 129: Help for Sinus Drip, SIBO Redux, Why Berries Are Good For You

Today we got into a discussion of Vasomotor Rhinorrhea, when your nose runs after you eat. Plus all the other reasons (food, environmental, allergies) why you can have stuffy sinuses. We got a call about SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, one of the reasons you just can’t seem to get around that gas and bloating. […]

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