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   Oct 05

Radio Naturopath Episode 142: Vitamin E, Mixed Tocopherols and Tocotrienols: Help for Cardiovascular, Immunity, Hormones and More!

Did you know our friend, vitamin E, otherwise known as d-alpha tocopherol, and his buddies, gamma- and beta-tocopherol, and their friends the Tocotrienols, are just WONDERFUL? Great for fighting cancer, helping the immune system, regulating hormone function, and reducing cholesterol and improving cardivascular health! Such a great vitamin, it deserves its own show. It’s mostly […]

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   Sep 28

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin That Helps With Mood, Pain, Cancer Prevention, and Much More!

Vitamin D is VERY important. There are Vitamin D receptors in every cell in your body. Of course, it’s important for calcium and magnesium absorption and metabolism. But did you know it’s important in mood, pain, immunity, and fighting cancer? Also, really it’s a HORMONE, because our bodies make it from cholesterol, and it’s converted […]

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   Sep 14

Radio Naturopath Episode 97: Sugar and Cardiovascular Disease, Voice Injury, Natural Help for Clotting Disorders

A recent study came out discussing the scientists at Harvard that were paid in the early 1960′s to show that it’s dietary fat and cholesterol, not sugar, that is the main culprit in cardiovascular disease, even though the science proves otherwise. Voice injury: it’s a problem if you sing or talk a lot! Plus, a […]

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   May 20

Radio Naturopath Episode 81: 10 Things to Know About Fats, Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

You want to know 10 interesting things about ‪#‎fats‬? And also how to lower your ‪#‎cholesterol‬ naturally? Listen to Radio Naturopath!

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   Feb 24

Let’s Talk About It with Radio Naturopath: Cholesterol, Hypothyroid, the CT Naturopathic Statute

I guest on Let’s Talk About It on WILI Radio, a talk show hosted by CT State Rep Susan Johnson, and we do! We talk about cholesterol, thyroid, and the latest in the effort to modernize the CT naturopathic statute.

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