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   Dec 28

Radio Naturopath Episode 152: Natural Medicine at the Drugstore; Staying Healthy in the Cold; Itchy Eyes

I took a little jaunt to the local drugstore and see what they had for herbal medicine. I found some nuggets: you DON’T have to get Vic’s Vapo Rub which has PETROLEUM JELLY in it; there’s a couple of brands which have shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil in them, and no petroleum products! Also, […]

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   Feb 03

Radio Naturopath Episode 67 2 – 3-16 Healthy Meals, Breadless Sandwiches, Dizziness, Bronchitis

We want to find ways to help you to eat healthier without spending a lot of time at prep, so we’ve got some great easy recipes for you! We discuss what that dizziness might be about. Plus, help for that bronchitis/laryngitis that’s going around!

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