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   Dec 07

Radio Naturopath Episode 150: Interview with Selene Yeager, the Fitchick! Nutrition and Sensible Fitness Training!

This week we interview SELENE YEAGER, the FitChick of Bicycling Magazine! She writes for them every month about fitness and nutrition. She is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and USA Cycling Coach! And she has lots of sensible opinions about nutrition and fitness for athletes and the newbie alike! Listen to […]

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   Oct 31

Radio Naturopath Episode 101: Sports Nutrition Part I: Hydration

Today we discuss nutrition for your sport, and focus on hydration! Plain water or sport drink? Electrolytes or not? It’s in here!

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   Aug 11

Radio Naturopath Episode 92: Five Diseases Prevented By Exercise, Gluten At the Restaurant

The British Medical Journal published a study showing that there are five diseases that can be prevented by 12 hours of movement/week! That seems like a lot, but it counts just walking around your house and going to the store. Also, avoiding gluten at restaurants.

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   Jul 22

Radio Naturopath Episode 89: Alternatives to Common Steroids, Bicycling Prevents Diabetes

I’m very concerned about the availability of catabolic steroids available over the counter for minor complaints, like itching, rashes and allergies. They have side effects, and there are natural alternatives! Also, riding a bicycle can prevent diabetes. Who would’ve guessed?

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