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   Nov 17

Radio Naturopath Episode 147: Everyday Detox: Tips on Keeping Toxins Out!

Everyday Detox. Things you can do most of the time to keep toxins from staying in your body. Eating clean healthy food without chemicals, sweating through exercise or saunas, drinking lots of clean water, making sure your water is clean. Making sure you have good probiotics on board to prevent you from reabsorbing toxins tagged […]

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   Jan 19

Radio Naturopath Episode 112: All about Blood Sugar, Hemoglobin A1C and Gallstones

Just what exactly is hemoglobin A1C, and why does your doctor want you to lower it? Here’s what it is and some natural medicine help for getting it down. Also, help for gallstones short of having the gallbladder removed…but sometimes it still has to come out.

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   Sep 22

Radio Naturopath Episode 98: Fitness and Food Tracking; More Stress Reduction; Beets and Beet Juice; Prickly Heat

There have been studies where testers wore different brands of fitness trackers and got different numbers of steps from placing on the same wrist! Is it worth it? Reduce your stress with a little Caribbean, or your other favorite nature, in your life! Beets and beet juice: superfood for life. Plus, how to treat prickly […]

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   Feb 10

Radio Naturopath Episode 68 2 – 10 – 16 GMO Manure, Energizing Beets, Help with Prostate Trouble

GMO manure??? Yes, it’s a thing, and not a good one! Manure needs to be organic and non-GMO too. How beets can give you energy. Plus, help for enlarged prostates.

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