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   Sep 28

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin That Helps With Mood, Pain, Cancer Prevention, and Much More!

Vitamin D is VERY important. There are Vitamin D receptors in every cell in your body. Of course, it’s important for calcium and magnesium absorption and metabolism. But did you know it’s important in mood, pain, immunity, and fighting cancer? Also, really it’s a HORMONE, because our bodies make it from cholesterol, and it’s converted to active vitamin D3 by sunlight! We address how much time you should spend in the sun vs. taking a supplement.

   Sep 14

Radio Naturopath Episode 140: Increasing Red Blood Cells After Babesiosis; All About Vitamin C!

Time to learn all about Vitamin C! It’s ASCORBIC ACID or ACORBATES. This important water soluble vitamin can’t be synthesized by our bodies, so we have to eat it. It’s part of the structure of collagen, so it’s part of every tissue and organ. It stimulates the function of the immune system, so it helps with allergies, asthma and illness. It’s a cofactor for detoxification. It can be found in citrus, but also in other cool foods, like peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, acerola cherries, and rose hips! Let’s spread some vitamin C to the world! Also, we talk about how to get that red count up after a bout with Babesiosis.

   Sep 06

Radio Naturopath Episode 139: ABC’s of Vitamins: Vitamin A and All Those B’s

This week we start in on the ABC’s of vitamins! Since there’s so much to discuss, and there are a LOT of B vitamins, I only got through A (including beta carotene and all the mixed carotenoids) and B. But they’re REALLY important, especially for immunity, energy, hormone regulation, and blood sugar metabolism! Stay tuned to Radio Naturopath as we work our way through the alphabet!

   Aug 30

Radio Naturopath Episode 138: Help for Cold, Flu, and Tummy Bug Season!

What goes along with the beginning of the school year? COLDS, FLUS, and STOMACH BUGS. A reminder to get outside for your immunity and health, and simple ways to prevent them, including hand washing, neti pots, and good food. Also some ways to fight them once they arrive, and how your immune system works.

   Aug 23

Radio Naturopath Episode 137: Fat Loss, The Right Diet is Your Diet, Why and How Exercise Aids Fat Loss (Not Just Calories!)

Today I got interested in fat loss, again. There’s a saying that fat loss is 70% in the kitchen, but I don’t know how scientific that is. Clearly, fat loss is aided in great part by regular exercise, because people who keep weight off exercise on the average 1 hour/day. The National Weight Control Registry mentions 9 things that people who successfully keep off 30 or more pounds have in common, and it’s not one specific diet! I also discuss the physiological specifics on why exercise helps fat loss, and it’s not just about burning more calories. Stuff like: they weigh themselves weekly, they follow a program, they don’t follow a program, they made a significant change in their initial diet. So, get moving!

   Aug 17

Radio Naturopath Episode 136: North Korea, Charlottesville, Motherwort, Goldenrod, and the Total Eclipse

In order to be happy and healthy, you have to have a happy healthy environment in the world. I had a bad week of listening to media and being very frightened at the prospect of nuclear war between the US and North Korea. Then I was shocked to find that the day before the supposed missile launch, RADIO SILENCE. On the DAY of missile launch, somehow Kim Jon Un stood down. I felt like I’d been taken on a roller coaster ride of emotion by the media. This, followed by the White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville, accusations abounding, the horrific murder by car of Heather Heyer, an activist, by a white supremacist at the rally, and then our president’s subsequent mishandling and hateful rhetoric around the event. I vowed to take a media break and listen to some Jimmy Buffet and Grateful Dead! And take calming herbs like Motherwort, and anti-inflammatory ones like Goldenrod. And go revel in my friends and family and the wonderful nature all around us. Speaking of nature, today is a good day to observe, but maybe not go into, the waters at the coast, since there will be some great surf thanks to Hurricane Gert! (We’re already up to G, who knew?) And Monday, a great time to safely view the Total Eclipse of My Heart, I mean the Sun, with safety glasses or a homemade cardboard eclipse viewer! So, thank goodness, Gaia, aside from what we’ve done to her, is still mostly intact.

   Aug 09

Radio Naturopath Episode 135: Mosquitoes and You, Deep Venous Thrombosis, Get Thee To The Farmers’ Markets

This week, everyone should know just why mosquitoes love them, and if you don’t exactly love them back, how you can (herbally) ask them to go away. Lemon Eucalyptus anyone? Also, beware of Deep Venous Thrombosis! It can happen to you if you’re not careful, and there are ways to prevent it. And, get thee to the farmer’s markets, and eat thee of the absolutely fresh, nutritious, fantastic produce out there!

   Aug 02

Radio Naturopath Episode 134: Diverticulitis, WHY and HOW to Get Started with Exercise

Michele from Tolland called and asked me to talk about diveriticulitis, so I waxed eloquent about the subject, and even explained the difference between diverticulITIS and diverticulOSIS. Then, a treatise on WHY and HOW to get started with exercise! It reduces morbidity and mortality AT LEAST from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, mood, and much much more!

   Jul 27

Radio Naturopath Episode 133: Sun Rash, Sunscreen, Prickly Heat, Magnesium, Muscle Soreness

We talked about help from getting a sun-induced rash, and nontoxic sunscreen, beta carotene and other antioxidants to prevent. Also, prickly heat! Plus a shout out to nettles for allergies. Magnesium, the Magic Mineral. And, how to be less sore! Water, stretching, rest are great for starters!

   Jul 19

Radio Naturopath Episode 132: Interview with Carla Bartolucci, Owner of Jovial Foods: All About Eating Gluten Free, and Einkorn!

This week we interviewed Carla Bartolucci, a lovely woman who is committed to providing healthy, hypoallergenic, delicious foods! She and her husband have a company called Jovial, to celebrate the joyous 2nd half of her life. She learned from her daughter’s food allergies about creating healthy gluten free foods, and all about the ancient precursor to wheat, einkorn. They bought the old Randall’s Ordinary, a 17th century building and property in North Stonington, and are converting into a place for culinary gatherings.