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   Jun 22

Radio Naturopath Episode 85: Interview with Pro Cyclist Amber Pierce, Cycling for Health, Fitness, Balance and Joy!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Amber Pierce, a professional cyclist who just happens to live in Mansfield! She is riding for the Vitalogic Team based in Austria, and Team Good Life in the US. Like me, she believes that riding a bicycle is a great way to get fit, enhance balance, strength, cognitive ability, […]

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   Jun 10

Radio Naturopath Episode 84: Summer Colds, Weight/Resistance Training, NEWSTART

There’s a cold that may come with bronchitis that everyone tends to get in June! Ron’s got it, and we talk about how to avoid it or get out of it fast! Why weight training is so good for you. Plus, a review of NEWSTART, the 7th Day Adventist acronym that is the blueprint for […]

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   Jun 02

Radio Naturopath Episode 83: Anxiety and Supplements, Green Smoothies, Massaged Green Salad!

As promised, more advice to help anxiety naturally! Also, eat your greens everywhere. Today we talk about smoothies and salad.

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