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   Jan 20

Radio Naturopath Episode 66: Sleep Aids, Dementia, and Helping Your Memory

Did you know that antihistamines can increase dementia? That Alzheimer’s can be caused by high blood sugar in the brain, otherwise known as Type III Diabetes? Check it out!

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   Jan 13

Radio Naturopath Episode 65: Radio Naturopath meets Hello Climate Change!

We have the pleasure of interviewing our friend, local artist and graphic designer Amy Kalisher. We discuss what’s going on in the environment and some great resources. Plus, 4 things you can do right now to help!

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   Jan 06

Radio Naturopath Episode 64: 6 Tips for Fat Loss in 2016!

You’ll want to check out our suggestions for fat loss! Here’s the basics: Don’t focus on the weight. Eat protein, vegetables, and less sweet fruits. Limit starches and sugars, and eat them at the end of meals. Exercise. Track your progress. Exercise less, eat less; exercise more, eat more.

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