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   Nov 13

Radio Naturopath Recap 11/13/14: OBAMACARE!

Happy Mid-November! I’m almost 50. But that’s not what I want to review…it’s OBAMACARE! Ron Manizza, my fiance, guest hosted today while Kate was away, and we had a good rant about the Affordable Care Act. I am not thrilled with all the shame-and-blame being heaped on our president. Of course, I’m not happy with […]

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   Nov 07

Radio Naturopath Recap 11/6/13!

And it is November! More information is always available, and I am here to help demystify for you. So, here’ s the latest: A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that women have more longevity, tend to live past 70 and have a higher quality of life if they eat closer to the […]

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