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   Oct 28

Radio Naturopath Recap 10/23/13!

It’s time once again to recap what happened on Radio Naturopath! Since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we should talk about breast cancer. There is controversy about screening; there are those who are quite sure that getting regular mammograms, every 1-2 years, is essential; I am concerned about the regular exposure of the breasts to radiation. There […]

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   Oct 21

Radio Naturopath Recap 10/16/13!

And…let’s recap again!!! Happy autumn everyone! I hope you are heading outside and enjoying the fall colors! We had a lot to talk about on the show, so here’s what happened. It’s cold and flu season again! I think it starts the minute everyone goes back to school, before it actually starts to get cold. […]

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   Oct 09

Radio Naturopath Recap 10/9/13!

Hey!! It’s autumn…getting cooler out, lots of bright colors, leaves everywhere…and pine needles too! Time to be warmer, eat warmer, spicier, cuddlier, cozier! Get a little more rest because the darker colder time of year is coming! Here’s what we talked about today: Salmonella! There is a concern that there is not as much food […]

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   Oct 04

Radio Naturopath Recap 10/2/13!

Welcome to October, folks! It’s a very exciting time. We are in the midst of the first federal government shutdown since the Clinton administration in 1995, because the Dems and Reps can’t agree on a budget bill, and defunding “Obamacare” was attached to the budget bill. Of course, the Dems don’t want the Affordable Care […]

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