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   Sep 25

Radio Naturopath Recap 9/25/13!

And it’s the last Wednesday in September! Here’s what we discussed this week: You may be sneezing more! Is it because of the low levels of ragweed, sagebrush and grass pollen out there? Or could it be good ol’ dust? Well, since the temps went down, you may have closed your windows and turned down […]

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   Sep 11

Radio Naturopath Recap 9/11/13!

HEY EVERYONE…it’s great to be back! Remember, you can now listen to Radio Naturopath on WHUS 91.7 FM. Listen live on Wednesdays from 10:00-11:00 AM; you can also listen at So today there were a few things on my mind! Here’s a few things that came up: Green tea. It often comes up, because […]

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