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   Mar 23

Radio Naturopath Episode 119: Common Sports Injuries: Natural Treatment

Sports injuries! The most common one, DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, and how to deal with that. Nutrition, supplementation, hydration, and REST are all important. Other injuries: ankle sprain, groin pull, hamstring strain, shin splints, knne injuries including ACL and patellofemoral, and tennis and golfer’s elbow!

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   Mar 16

Radio Naturopath Episode 118: Modernizing ND Statute, The Future of US Healthcare, Running vs. Cycling, Topical Comfrey for Bones and Cartilage

This week I’m again hoping for modernization of the CT naturopathic statute! House Bill 7222 is supposed to help with that. I’m worried about what healthcare is going to look like in Trump’s America. How does running stack up to cycling in terms of inflammation and recovery? Topical comfrey is great for fractures and also […]

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   Mar 08

Radio Naturopath Episode 117: Your Digestion: All The Herbs You’ll Need To Fix It!

Berberines, ginger and curcumin, oh my! Herbs can soothe, heal, reduce spasm and cramping, reduce inflammation and pain, relieve gas, and much more! Find out all about it!

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   Feb 23

Radio Naturopath Episode 116: Interview with Cassandra Martineau: Women’s March on Washington, and Everyday Acts We Can Do To Improve the Country

Today’s episode is about a healthy political environment, which leads to general health. We interview Cassandra Martineau, who is a local organizer for the Women’s March on Washington. We talk about everyday acts anyone can do to support positive change in their community and in the country. We discuss phone numbers and resources people can […]

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   Feb 16

Radio Naturopath Episode 115: Sometimes Drugs are OK; Staying Warm In Winter, and All About Atrial Fibrillation

Well, sometimes if the illness is coming on too strong and you just can’t get well fast enough with natural medicine, pharmaceuticals can be a help, but support yourself with natural medicine at the same time! There’s some simple ways to stay warmer in winter, from wearing the right clothes to eating the right foods. […]

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   Jan 26

Radio Naturopath Episode 113: Women’s March, Apple Cider Vinegar and Fire Cider, Superfruits: Mangosteen, Noni, Goji, and Good Ol’ Homegrown Berries!

I discuss my experience of the historic Women’s March, and the fact that I went to the Hartford one, and what it was like (historic, peaceful, inspiring, hope-inducing, joyful). I also talk about apple cider vinegar and its spicy cousin, Fire Cider, and also superfruits: Mangosteen, Noni, and Goji Berry! For me, goji wins by […]

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   Jan 19

Radio Naturopath Episode 112: All about Blood Sugar, Hemoglobin A1C and Gallstones

Just what exactly is hemoglobin A1C, and why does your doctor want you to lower it? Here’s what it is and some natural medicine help for getting it down. Also, help for gallstones short of having the gallbladder removed…but sometimes it still has to come out.

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   Jan 16

Radio Naturopath Episode 111: Natural Help for those Nagging Coughs and Colds!

A lot of you catch a cold or cough and then it seems to hang on for weeks. I have noticed this to be a growing trend as the years have gone by. There are likely many factors, but one of them is people’s difficulty in getting rest, a break from their lives. Find out […]

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   Jan 02

Radio Naturopath Episode 110: The Natural Process of Mourning and Grief; Your Favorite New Year’s Resolutions!

Yes, well, it’s been tough losing my dad, and I’ve had a first hand experience of mourning and grief. This is certainly something that’s been studied, and the bottom line is that YOUR process is the right one for you. Plus, now is when people think about those New Year’s Resolutions! My #1: be kind […]

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   Dec 22

Radio Naturopath Episode 109: Dedicated to my Dad, Myron Storch: Bipolar Disorder, The Prostate, and Weight Loss

My dad, Myron Storch, passed away on December 13, 2016 due to injuries sustained after being struck by a pickup truck. Today I honor his memory by discussing the condition he struggled with and mostly overcame, bipolar disorder, and also the prostate issues he was facing, and his desire to trim down!

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