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   Jul 19

Radio Naturopath Episode 132: Interview with Carla Bartolucci, Owner of Jovial Foods: All About Eating Gluten Free, and Einkorn!

This week we interviewed Carla Bartolucci, a lovely woman who is committed to providing healthy, hypoallergenic, delicious foods! She and her husband have a company called Jovial, to celebrate the joyous 2nd half of her life. She learned from her daughter’s food allergies about creating healthy gluten free foods, and all about the ancient precursor to wheat, einkorn. They bought the old Randall’s Ordinary, a 17th century building and property in North Stonington, and are converting into a place for culinary gatherings.

   Jul 12

Radio Naturopath Episode 131: Interview with a Fungster, Scot Brown: All About the Ketogenic Diet for Fat Loss, Reducing Inflammation, and Neurological Health

Today we had Scot Brown, and his husband, Pilo as guests. He is originally from Plainfield, CT but has been living many years in Amsterdam. Scot discovered the Ketogenic Diet to deal with obesity instead of having gastric bypass surgery, and lost 100 lb! He got so excited he studied with Jason Fung, M.D., in Toronto, a big proponent and teacher of this way of eating. You eat a lot of healthy fat, do some fasting, and eat relatively low carb and grain free. He feels that it helps him to be joyful, in addition to all the other health benefits! Great for diabetics, neurological conditions, mental illness, and much more.

   Jul 06

Radio Naturopath Episode 130: Benefits of Summer Fruits and Veggies, Eating Mindfully, Should You Cleanse?

Today I just wanted to remind people about why eating summer produce is so good for you, with all the fruits and veggies, carotenoids, chlorophyll and fiber. And that cleanses are OK but often a short term solution, and the real money is in mindful eating.

   Jun 28

Radio Naturopath Episode 129: Help for Sinus Drip, SIBO Redux, Why Berries Are Good For You

Today we got into a discussion of Vasomotor Rhinorrhea, when your nose runs after you eat. Plus all the other reasons (food, environmental, allergies) why you can have stuffy sinuses. We got a call about SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, one of the reasons you just can’t seem to get around that gas and bloating. And why it’s great to eat all those berries that are ready and even growing wild!

   Jun 08

Radio Naturopath Episode 128: Tick Bites, Natural Sunscreens, Insect Repellant, and Alternatives to Anti-Histamines

It bears reminding you that you COULD get bitten by a tick, so check yourself and your loved ones all over! Also, you don’t have to use sunscreen with chemicals; there are great natural ones to use. What herbs can keep those bugs away? Also, the answer to a great question, are there natural alternatives to anti-histamines?

   May 31

Radio Naturopath Episode 127: GERD (gastroesophageal reflux): Heal Your Heartburn!

I had a special request from a patient to talk about gastroesophageal reflux, so he could have a reflux redux on podcast. All about the condition, how it happens, what foods can cause it, what can help it naturally and in the medical world. You don’t have to live with heartburn! Find out how.

   May 19

Radio Naturopath Episode 126: Tick Bite: What Now? Herbal Antibiotics, Natural Medicine Backlash, Gluten Intolerance

Today I had a great question about what to do if you have an acute tick bite; should you take antibiotics? I talked about different herbal antibiotics and how they’re helpful. Also, we took on some of the perennial backlash against natural medicine, including Gluten Intolerance is Laughable as a meme.

   May 12

Radio Naturopath Episode 125: Magnesium for Life and Health; Preserve Brain Function As You Age; More Yoga, Less Depression!

Today we talked about how to get magnesium into your body and your life. Magnesium can bring world peace. We also offer help to preserve brain function as you age. And here’s a suprise: Yoga fights depression! Somebody actually studied it. Namaste!

   Apr 26

Radio Naturopath Episode 124: Marry a Smart Woman and Live Long, How Ron Went from IBS to Healthy, Vaginal Dryness No More!

Today, April 26, 2017, is Ron’s 62nd Birthday! He broke the curse! His paternal grandfather and father both died at 61. So, here’s to another 61 years! To celebrate, we embarrassed him by talking about his progression from IBS to health, and with a bit about how even a little contamination with gluten can set him off. We found a study about how men who marry smart women live longer. That’s right, the women are smarter! Also, how to solve menopausal vaginal dryness.

   Apr 20

Radio Naturopath Episode 123: Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), A Risk of Sitting Still? And BELLY BLOAT!

DEEP VENOUS THROMBOSIS. It’s not a good thing, and here’s why. It can happen to athletes. It’s a blood clot that can go to your lungs and stop you from breathing. Here’s who can get them, and some ways you may be able to prevent them. ALSO, BELLY BLOAT! If you’re a woman, you know what I’m talking about! Why does it happen? How are hormones involved? Why do women like to wear yoga pants and workout capris? What can you do about it?